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2009-06-22 10:28:35 by steelwarpig

uh.. i wanted to upload some of my drawings but it says im not scouted yet i don't know what that means but if you do would you help me out i want to start adding stuff to newgrounds


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2009-06-22 12:17:44

In order to have your work appear on the Art Portal, instead of only in your personal gallery, you have to be approved ("scouted") by another user who has been approved themselves.

A user is responsible for who they choose to scout, and even the people that their scouts choose to scout; if their scouts get in trouble for, say, uploading stolen content, they can get descouted themselves.

Since your stuff is pretty good, and you don't seem to be a douchebag, I scouted you. Enjoy the Art Portal, and please don't do anything to get me in trouble, lol.

steelwarpig responds:

thanks man and i'll make sure that i won't be any trouble for ya